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The Meaning of Independence

July 5, 2009

 Yesterday we set off fireworks, had picnics and barbecues  all in celebration of our nation’s independence from Britain. However, I think Independence Day should mean more than us thumbing our noses at the British because we beat them back in 1776. Think for a second about what our forefathers were fighting for. They were sick of the intolerance of the British, and the discrimination of being treated as second class citizens. They came to America and bravely fought for a place where they could end all that.

You know what — we’ve become hypocrites!!!

When you think about it, don’t we do those same things right now? Aren’t we the ones who look down on people who may be ‘different’ from us? Whether it be race, religion, sexual orientation, family make up.

My husband and I have what I call an ‘alternative family’  where our children have 4 legs. To A LOT of people that is wrong and unhealthy. I’ve even been told that the “purpose” of marriage is to procreate! Can you believe that?

I joke and say that the ‘GLBT’ movement is my role model. Not that we want our cats to marry but we want our families to be accepted!

Whether a family has 2 Dads or 2 Moms, or the children are 3 cats — the families should all be treated the same! They are families! Whether or not the children are biological or adopted, there shouldn’t be any difference! Nor should there be any difference wether the children have 2 legs or 4 legs!Parents love their children. End of story.

I also believe that there are two kinds of women in the world, those who should have kids, and those who shouldn’t. But that will have to be the subject of another blog 🙂

Talk soon & remember to kiss an animal.



My 4-legged children

June 23, 2009

Afternoon everyone!! I thought I’d talk today about my children since they will be an integral part of my blog. 

Our family is unconventional in that our ‘children’ have four legs – I call them quadra-peds. (don’t know if that is patented but if not ‘IT’S MY WORD’ ) When my husband Kevin and I got married in 1995 we were under the delusion like all couples raised Catholic –  marry and procreate. We said – yeah we’ll have kids eventually. I was starting law school and didn’t have the time. We adopted our first child Tigger a female short-hair tiger cat 2 years into our marriage. I still had one whole year to go. I think I told you that Tigger is 12 now. My last year of law school we decided to get Tigger a sibling because we were told that 2 cats are good because they can play with each other. Enter Calie, who is now 11. She is a Norwegian Forest Cat, calico coloring hence the name. She looks like a Maine Coon – she is a big fluff ball. We moved back to NY and I took the bar that summer (1998). At that point we were still on the fence about children and our official statement was ‘well we started with cats, will upgrade to dogs and then have kids’.

My joke was that I had ‘taken the batteries out of my maternal clock.’

After I passed the bar, then I had to find a job. It was with a firm we’ll call ABC for reasons that will become apparent. It was a small firm with three full named partners (A, B, and C) and a junior female partner I’ll call D.

Somewhere during the next 5 years while I worked my butt off trying to impress the ole’ boy mentality of the firm …maybe making partner one day; Kevin and I decided against the dog…hell we decided against the 2 legged kids also.

My career was very important to me, my husband had a great job (making more $$ than me and I’m the one with 3 degrees – oh well) and we had talked about one of us staying home with the kids. I was too close to partner and the older we got the more we got set in our ways. I have 4 nieces/nephews on my side and the mister has 4 on his. So anytime we had any maternal instinct we just spent some time with one or more of them and that cured us right away.

So we very gently broke the news to our parents that they would have ‘grand-cats’ not humans. One side accepted it but the other hasn’t. I won’t identify the sides. The have-nots are strict Catholic and believe that the only reason to get married is to procreate.

Wanting to expand our family (and defy parents) we added to our brood in October 2001. It was right after Sept 11th and we decided life was too short. Our youngest Riley (now 8) is a full blooded persian with the pushed in nose. He is a red smoke (red, beige and white) and a fluff ball.

Since that time, we have been teased, frowned upon and laughed at whenever we tell people that Riley slept on the toilet (closed cover) or Tigger chased a bird. When asked do you have children and how many, both mister and I say ‘we have 3: two girls and a boy’.

To us, I guess we feel exactly as any adoptive parent feels like. I couldn’t love my children more if they were my biological children.

To me, animal families do not have any rights at all. It reminds me of the way the GLBT movement started. Same sex partners have been discriminated against for years and still are. It is my hope that someday before I die, my children will get the respect they deserve.

Okay enough of my soapbox for today.  


Welcome to my blog.

June 21, 2009

I’ve just begun to hang-glide into the blogging universe. I have a number of plans for my blog which will be centered on my life as a mother to three wonderful quadra-peds (4 legs) and their daily antics. If you follow the blog you’ll see that they are essentially like humans but just have extra legs. I’ll also express my opinions on a variety of animal rights and welfare subjects. But most of all my blog will be centered on the fears involved in my jump from successful partner in a law firm to an unemployed writer hoping to make it.