Riley Matthew

riley lounging

This is Riley Matthew . I’ve been meaning to do a post about him for a while but I got distracted by football. Now you’ve met Riley before in the posting called ‘a child in need’. Riley developed an eye problem when he was six months old and eventually had to have eye surgery. A lot of closed minded people thought we were insane to drive to a specialist in Connecticut (about 4-5 hrs from our house) and pay a substantial amount of money for surgery for A CAT.

     People just didn’t understand that Riley was OUR CHILD not our cat. Just like our 2 daughters we (Kevin & I) would do anything for our kids.

     Riley is my little angel. He was so good when he had his eye problem. Even though we all went through a horrible experience it brought us all closer together.

     I say Riley reminds me of the cowardly lion in the Wizard of Oz. He’s red, well technically ‘red smoke’ so he looks like a lion. He struts around like he owns the place until Calie glares at him and he runs away in fear. He’s also very majestic sometimes. He’ll just sit there and give you this look like ‘worship me’. Then again he is a purebred so maybe he knows something we don’t.

    From the picture above you’ll see he has that pushed- in nose. Its called ‘peke-faced’ persian because it looks like a Pekingese’s face. Some people think he looks mean but he is the sweetest, gentliest soul.

   And he’s spoiled rotten. Somehow I don’t even remember when it started but one day he came into the bathroomwith me. Thanks to Tigger not liking closed doors (see earlier posts) I usually leave the door open about an inch. All 3 have no respect for privacy and just waltz right in. Well one day while I’m brushing my teeth, in comes Riley. He jumps up onto the toilet seat – yes we have to keep the cover down because all 3 have claimed it as their ‘thrown’. Anyway, when Riley wants attention he talks. Okay I know what you’re thinking, he talks ‘cat’ but he still talks. Experts say that a cat can learn up to about a 20 word vocabulary. They really do understand us with a lot of things. Anyway, Riley gave me this ‘pay attention to me Mommy’  face and made a ‘wah’ noise. After finishing my teeth I bent down and started to pet him. Well he started to do it regularly and we got into a routine. Now he comes in, stands up on the toilet seat so that his front paws on the top of the bowl and he looks over his shoulder at me and ‘wah’s me. This has now become his request, no his demand for A MASSAGE. I know you think I’m crazy but he loves me to massage his back. And if I try to skimp and rush through it he ‘wah’s at me in complaint. At the end of the massage I tap (love tap) him on his butt and he jumps down from the toilet.

     The cute thing now is that anytime anyone goes near the bathroom and he’s around he races you to it. It’s hilarious. I can also get him back really good. You see the way our house is set up, from the  living room you can either continue down the hall to the bathroom, or you can make a left and goes downstairs. If he thinks you’re going to the bathroom he’ll run and then I go downstairs instead just to torture him. You know what he does? He whine and howls like an injured wolf. He’s actually woke me up during the night by howling from the toilet seat. I promptly explained to him that the massage parlor is closed at 3:00 a.m. Sometimes if he thinks you’re coming back, he falls asleep in there.. LOL

     But the best part of Riley is that he loves to sleep with us in bed. He prefers to have my pillow but if my head’s there, he makes an adjustment. He plops right next to my head, so you can barely even see me. He has woke me up a number of times by licking me in the ear like a dog. That wakes you up fast, let me tell you.. If I’m awake when he gets up on the pillow he’ll snuggle with me so that his nose in against the side of my neck and it is just the most precious feeling. It brings tears to my eyes.

    You know how experts say that cats smother babies. I’m sure there is truth to it and it probably is a jealous thing but…Riley has plopped on my head actually my face a couple of times and I’ve had to move him off. He wasn’t trying to kill me (at least I don’t think he was) but he just wanted to be as close to me as possible. I don’t know it’s just my opinion.

     Anyway that’s enough gushing about my baby boy.

    Talk soon.


4 Responses to “Riley Matthew”

  1. thevetproject Says:

    Last night a car killed the youngest of my 12 cats, Prezzemolo. I heard the bang, run out but the car was obiouvsly disappeared. Common families don’t understand how companions are so deeply part of our lives, how they cheer up our days when we’re a bit down, how they make us laugh when they do stupid things… They just don’t understand. Thay believe they’re things! And if they “break” (read kill) them, they just don’t care and disappear in the night.

    • Kris Says:

      Words can not express my sorrow for you in your time of grief. I made it through the first 2 sentences before I cried. To those of us who believe their ‘companion animals’ are their children, your loss is devastating and we feel your pain.
      As a child growing up one of my cats was killed the same way. Most people treat them just like road-kill.
      Of course any hit-and-run that killed a 2 yr old child would make the 11:00 p.m. news and would be investigated by the cops. To me that is wrong and needs to be fixed. To me that is my mission in life.
      Please know that my thoughts are with you and your family.

  2. thevetproject Says:

    That’s exactly what I meant. Exactly. Common people cannot image how I will miss him sleeping on my chest, waking me up with his paws on my face, his purring, his soft hair. The driver didn’t even tried to stop the car, he /she didn’t even pushed the brake before or after the murder. He didn’t even stop to check what happened… I really will never understand this! NEVER!! We know animals are alive but when it comes to killing in ana accident or for food or whatever, they become things… inanimated stuff that if it breaks well… whatever… it was an animal, non a PERSON!
    Sorry for my outburst. Simona

  3. Kris Says:

    Perfectly okay — not an outburst. You just took a step on my soapbox and that’s fine. That’s what I want this site to be about. I started it to try and raise awareness that animals are just as loved as humans are. To me my children have four legs. I adopted them just like any family that adopts a baby. My love for them is just like their love is for their baby. The fact that my kids have extra legs SHOULDN’T MAKE ANY DIFFERENCE.

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